A special edition of The Bulletin, where we break down the SVB saga and how we responded here at our fund.
The emergence of fintech in Africa, its benefits and challenges, and disruptors in the space.
A breakdown of the Silicon Valley Bank crisis, cool space ventures you should know about, and a startup internship matching opportunity 🕺
Cleantech 2.0 is booming and proving to be recession resilient, but is it different enough from its predecessor?
In this week's bulletin: How Twitter's latest outage was caused by a single employee, a quick explainer on 6G (wait weren't we just at 5?) and the $2…
Balancing ethics and profitability - Ethical Capitalism and VC
Van Wickle Ventures is excited to announce that we have finalized an investment in Apprenta! Apprenta is a HR/SaaS company that builds…
How tech companies are planning to utilize AI, interesting things happening in the startup space, and internship opportunities! 🕺
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