Sitemap - 2021 - Van Wickle Ventures Publication

The Bulletin #10: Algorithmic, Zero-Stage, and Ethical Investing & Closing Remarks

VWV Volumes #18: Analyst Renee Andam '24 on the Startup Economy of the African Diaspora

VWV Volumes #17: VP of Stakeholder Management Casey Shay'23 on the Power of Equity Crowdfunding

VWV Volumes #16: VP of Recruitment Herbert Traub'22 on The Business of Cybersecurity

The Bulletin #9: Welcoming our new Analysts & VWV Challenge Updates

VWV Volumes #15: VP of Operations Ben Piekarz '24 on AI for VC - A Relevant Complement or a Threatening Replacement?

The Bulletin #8: Climbing the Right Hills & Recapping StartupConnect 2021

VWV Volumes #14: Associate Amanda Lee'23 gives a crash course in Venture Capital

The Bulletin #7: Exploring the creator economy & what it means to level the playing field

The Bulletin #6: The Return featuring Recruiting & LinkedIn Memes

VWV Volumes #14: Co-Director Olivia Tulkoff '21 on Psychedelics: A Trippy New Industry

The Bulletin #5: NFT's and Ice Cream

VWV Volumes #13: Associate Luc Espinosa '23 on Hispanic/Latinx in Venture Capital: who’s the 1%?

VWV Volumes #12: Ben Piekarz '24 discusses the Agri(-Food)Tech Revolution

The Bulletin #4: Fintech, Consumer, Deep Tech, Oh My!

VWV Volumes #11: Design Queen Kia Uusitalo '23 on Women’s position (or the lack of it) in VC from a sociological perspective

The Bulletin #3: Dumb Memes, Smart Queens, and Everything In Between

VWV Volumes #10: Art Legend Kia Uusitalo '23 discusses the Nordic Startup Scene

VWV Volumes #9: Incoming Co-director Olivia Tulkoff on Diversity in Proptech

VWV Volumes #8: Co-director Asif Khan '21 talks about our recent investment in Projector

VWV Volumes #7: Associate Casey Shay '23 on The Future of Sustainable Investing

VWV Volumes #6: ML Legend (and also VWV Associate) Danny Adkins '21 gives a short intro to AgTech

VWV Volumes #5: New Associate Ria Panjwani '23 talks about a new investment vehicle, SPACs

The Bulletin #2:

VWV Volumes #4: Associate Aayush Setty '24 on Energy Innovation

VWV Volumes #3

VWV Volumes #2

The Bulletin #1

VWV Volumes #1