Sitemap - 2022 - Van Wickle Ventures Publication

The Bulletin #23: Brown Founders + Investors in the News & Absolute Must-Reads in Tech

The Bulletin #22: Lots of Layoffs, The Post-IC Diligence Process, & VWV Interview Tips

VWV Volumes #23: Jannis Alabasinis Talks about the Greek Start-up Scene

The Bulletin #21: The Diligence Process, Gaming Industry, & Student Funding Opportunities

The Bulletin #20: We’re Recruiting! + Summer in Review 💥

🙇The Bulletin #19: Chat with Aneesha Mehta, Aftermath on Musk’s Twitter Buyout, & Student Jobs/Summer Internships!

📗 The Bulletin #19: The History of VC, Growth/Hiring in Startups, & What is Web3/Crypto?

😱 The Bulletin #18: Reasons Not to Take VC Funding and Handling Failures & Challenges

👾 The Bulletin #17: Hot New Deals, Web3 World, and Climate Tech Start-ups

🌱 The Bulletin #16: Recapping the VWV x WIB Women in VC Panel, Danny Warshay & the Entrepreneurial Process, and Curriculum Snapshot #3

VWV Volumes #23: Analyst-in-Training Imani Stewart Discusses 3 VC Firms that are Betting on Crypto

🌤 The Bulletin #15: Ethical NFTs, VWV x WIB: Women in VC Panel, & "See, Solve, Scale” Book Launch

VWV Volumes #22: Analyst-in-Training Cécile Tang on Elizabeth Holmes's Trial and what it means for the Future of Silicon Valley Investment

The Bulletin #14: Great Women in VC to Learn From 🔥

Paving Ways for Women in VC: Meet VWV's Female Co-Director Team

🗣 The Bulletin #13: Ukraine Resources, Demystifying VC, and Curriculum Snapshot #2

🧠 The Bulletin #12: Metrics, Our Investment in Quiltt, and Curriculum Snapshot #1

VWV Volumes #21: Our Investment in Quiltt

👀 The Bulletin #11: Agtech, inclusive design, and words of advice from our Investment Committee's Deb Mills-Scofield

VWV Volumes #20: Our investment in Nutrimedy

VWV Volumes #19: Our Investment in Medicircle